Student Development Department
Following one of the main goals of the Letovo school,
Student Development program is built on 5 main domains:
All the extracurricular activities inside these domains include:

  • Year courses with internal and external teachers
- In average each Letovo student takes more than 3 courses in a year
- Last year we offered about 90 different courses in all of the 5 domains

  • Events and single activities (lectures, trainings / cultural trips / other events)
- "Letovo Wednesday program" (last year we had 31 lectures with inspirational speakers, scientists and other well-known persons, 8 of them were online)
- Big events and celebrations (organized not only by our department, but with the students)
- Field trips (including virtual trips online)

Through these activities students develop Letovo community, self organization skills and other soft skills

More information about the courses that we offer this year are available on our website (unfortunately, for now, only in Russian):

All the achievements and the results of the holistic development of students are gathered in Letovo Analytics platform each year.

After finishing the journey in Letovo school each student gets a special graduation certificate - The Letovo Diploma

Letovo Diploma is not only a document, but a framework that motivates each student to develop in all of the domains and fixes participation in all kind of activities, projects, competitions etc.
The concept and the system of Letovo Diploma is well explained on this website:
While bulding the whole system of the Letovo Diploma we have also turned to the external experts, such as Balamurugan K. from Singapore.
His final report is available by this link
At the end of previous academic year we gathered a lot of information (numbers, exact achievements of our students and examples) in the presentation for the General Assembly
You can see the little video peace above and here is the link to this presentation.
We hope that you will find these materials useful and we would be really glad to tell more and answer all the questions!
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