The Letovo Diploma
The Letovo Diploma is a certificate and portfolio that specifies academic and extra-curricular achievements being one of the essential documents conferred to a student upon graduation. The terms and conditions for obtaining the Letovo Diploma help in choosing electives.
The Letovo Diploma does not revoke or substitute the High School Certificate or IB DP Diploma
All kinds of student activities and achievements during the period of study are ranked
in three types of points:

For intraschool activities and achievements
For achievements acknowledged by external experts
(regional and Moscow level)
For achievements acknowledged by external experts
(national and international level)
There are three tiers
of the Letovo Diploma:
General Diploma
Confirms that the student has tried all five development programs. Each program includes a unique list of activities, and the student, independently or with a tutor, schedules learning these programs during their time at school.

It requires:
• 100 bronze points in each of the five development programs
• a grade point average of at least 4.5 on a 7 point scale in all subjects

Diploma with great honors (Cum Laude)
Confirms not only the holistic development of the student but also the fact that at least in one area the student has proved their skills, has made substantial progress and achieved significant results acknowledged by external experts (diplomas of extracurricular competitions, wins in academic competitions, participation of the student's project in science fairs, etc.).

It requires: 100 bronze points in each of the five development programs + 100 silver points in any development program
Diploma with the highest honors (Magna Cum Laude)
Confirms not only the holistic development of the student but also the fact that the student has achieved significant results in one or more areas. The results are to be acknowledged by external experts at the national or international level.

It requires: 100 bronze points in each of the five development programs + 100 gold points in any development program

  • Points cannot be scored twice for achievements in the same activity
    (for example, for several rounds of the same academic competition)

  • Conversion of points is possible using the formula
  • 1 Gold point 〉〉 1 Silver point (cannot be exchanged into bronze points)
How Points Are Earned
Below is the list of activities and number of corresponding points related to each discipline. Students will be provided with a specific list of academic competitions that count towards the Diploma.
Science and Cognition
For Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude Diplomas with regard to the Science and Cognition program, an additional condition is the absence of 4-grades (and below) in the certificate (on a 7 point scale, disregarding PE and Health and Safety grades).
Sports and Health
For Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude Diplomas with regard to the Sports and Health program, an additional condition is the grade point average higher than 4 (on a 7-point scale) in PE.
Creativity and Ingenuity
Citizenship and Society
The decision to confer an achievement of the Magna Cum Laude level with regard to the Citizenship and Society program is made by the School on a case-by-case basis.
Leadership and Cooperation
The decision to confer an achievement of the Magna Cum Laude level with regard to the Leadership and Cooperation program is made by the School on a case-by-case basis.

General Questions
Why would one need the Letovo Diploma?
  • One of the most essential tasks of the school is to multilaterally develop the students, who would not be afraid of the new, who will venture into various activities and fields of knowledge. The Letovo Diploma is a document by means of which the school confirms that it has fulfilled its task in your specific case.

  • A dedicated team is working to ensure that this Diploma is recognized when applying to various universities. The significance and prestige of the Letovo Diploma will develop along with the brand of the school.

  • Moreover, the Letovo Diploma and its guidelines are a useful tool for you and your tutors to balance your learning schedule and make sure nothing important is forgotten
Is it possible to get the High School Certificate while not getting the Letovo Diploma?
It is possible in theory, but if such a situation occurs, the school has to admit that both it and the student have made a mistake by choosing each other as one of the essential tasks could not be performed. It's for the best not to get to that. We hope that the scoring system will help with this matter, as every moment both you and the school will understand where you are at on the way to the Letovo Diploma.
Is it even possible to meet all the requirements for the Diploma and survive?
Please note that you need to get just the Basic Letovo Diploma! There is no need to neglect your study and lose sleep over the Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude honors. Thus, one is perfectly able to receive the basic level diploma. We checked. Moreover, most of you will score far more bronze points than necessary (and lots of you have already earned the required points).

I'm in the DP programme and I don't have enough time to sleep properly. How am I supposed to make time to do extra work for the Diploma?
The DP programme has very much in common with the Letovo Diploma in terms of objectives and everything you do within DP earns points for the Letovo Diploma as well. So don't worry, if you are duly following the DP programme, it will be enough for a basic level Letovo Diploma.
I've taken a look at the terms of scoring, and there is not a word of getting awarded for my personal growth at all, and the Diploma levels with honors are given mostly to academic competitions participants, even within the Creativity and Ingenuity program. Is it even fair?
We are trying to build our development programs around the idea that, first of all, they aim to motivate you to strive for personal development, to challenge yourself. But in order to confirm your personal growth, we need evidence in the form of achievements — both internal and external.

For the Diploma levels with honors, we also took into account the requirements of our target universities that consider the significant achievements both at the Russian and international levels.
Why do we need points? Why not just list the conditions to be met?
Every single one of you is very different. You have different interests, study loads, schedules. The scoring system allows you to choose the learning strategy to tackle development programs that suits you. At the same time, it allows both you and us to better understand how things are working at the moment.
Will I get the Diploma if I earn all the points within just one development program?
No, to get the Letovo Diploma, you have to score 100 points in each of all 5 development programs. After all, the basic Letovo Diploma testifies to your holistic development.
Would my pre-Letovo activities and achievements be considered?
No, unfortunately. We are ready to assess only your development that took place after our first meeting. So, if you won a music contest some time ago and ceased to practice, we won't award the points for it.
How do I know how many points I have?
You can see the number of points that you already earned in your personal account in Letovo. Analytics system. You will be able to monitor the calculation of points almost in real time and plan your track toward the exact type of Diploma that you want to get.
Within what time period do I have to score points?
You need to score points during the whole study period in Letovo. It means three, four or five years, depending on what grade you were in when you initially entered the school.
But some of us are going to study in Letovo for five years, while the others will spend here only three years. What about that?
Diploma requirements have been developed to take an average of 4 years to complete. For students who entered the school in the ninth grade, it will be a little harder, and for those who enrolled in the seventh grade, it will be a little easier. Though we have made sure that our program is absolutely within the capabilities of all Letovo students.
So, does it mean that there is rivalry to get points?
No, it does not have to be competitive, as that's not what the points are for. You'll be the only one to know your points, nobody will be able to see how their neighbours are faring. Just remember that points are only a tool that helps you build your own development strategy, not an ultimate goal in and of itself.
Diploma Tiers
Why the Diploma tiers are so different? While for the basic one you need to do a lot of small things, the requirement for Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude demands something singular and complicated. How is it fair?
We hope that every Letovo student will get a basic Diploma. Its requirements are based on participation in school life, acceptance of its values, and taking part in development programs.

The Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude Diplomas testify to your special achievements, as we see our task not only in inspiring you to try new things but also in assisting the development of your talents. We suppose that only a small percentage of graduates will receive such Diplomas. Consequently, the development principle of the requirements for the basic level and for the levels with honors is very different.
What if I have already won the All-Russian Olympiad or an important contest, can I skip doing the rest?
To be better than someone, first, you have to be no worse. You can't get the Diploma without getting 100 bronze points for each level, even if you have had thousands of gold points.
Why would I even need the Cum Laude or Magna Cum Laude Diploma if I have already got a diploma of a contest or an academic competition I won?
Over time, the Letovo Diploma should become a recognizable standard for the leading Russian and international universities that allows for fair assessment of the level of your achievements. The universities accepting this Diploma will acknowledge that the significance of your achievement was evaluated by Letovo. For those who will graduate in the next couple of years, the Letovo Diploma is only a confirmation of the school's recognition of your high achievements.
Why are gold and silver points awarded mainly for achievements outside the intraschool activities?
It's very important for us, especially at the beginning, to gain recognition of the Letovo Diploma outside the school. Therefore, for a start, we rely on the authority of existing external systems which are used to acknowledge achievements. There are no such universally accepted systems for the Citizenship and Society and Leadership and Cooperation programs, so we will develop them on our own.
Why was the point exchange rate designed that way?
Bronze points are awarded for working on student's multilateral development, as well as for participation in school life, and progressing toward development program goals.

Silver and gold points are the points awarded for special achievements.

Therefore, it is impossible to exchange the bronze points for silver or gold ones.
The gold points are exchanged for the silver ones to avoid a situation when a student can't get either of the Diplomas with honors as they own, for instance, 70 silver and 50 gold points.
For What and How Exactly Can Points Be Awarded?
How are Letovo Wednesdays and other events factored in the score of this and the last academic year?
We conducted a survey on Letovo Wednesdays participation after the first semester, and we plan on conducting the same survey after the second semester. We will be guided by the answers of these surveys, so this year it is in a way an integrity test. Though, as we take pictures of the lecture hall every Wednesday, we can check this integrity, if required. Next year, we'll reconsider this aspect.
There are international contests or academic competitions that, in fact, have lower difficulty and associated prestige than national ones (as well as national competitions that are less important than city-level ones). Do you take this into account?
Together with the Academic Departments, we will try to compile the most comprehensive list of contents and academic competitions and assign the appropriate points to them. Perhaps we will involve the Student Development Advisory Board in the task, as we expect the board to be organized at school during the next academic year.
What if I took part in an event that was not listed, but in my opinion, it deserves points for the Letovo Diploma?
We will keep track of such requests and revise the scoring system once a year together with the Student Development Advisory Board.
Why does the academic competition in Computer Science count towards Creativity and Ingenuity program, while World Art is awarded within Science and Cognition program?
It has to do with the academic competition principle being under test. During the academic competition in Computer Science, students have to solve programming problems, i.e. they mainly use their ingenuity skills. Compare that to the academic competitions in World Art that test knowledge.

Example of the Progress Chart Toward the Basic Tier Diploma (Bronze Points)
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